Professor Xu Juezai, was born in 1949, in ShangHai, China, was graduated of East China Normal University in the Department of the Ideological and Political Education. His major field is in the histories of world socialist thoughts, and the realities of the real socialist practice and the theories of the contemporary world socialist schools, etc. during these years, Pro. Xu is the researcher, doctoral supervisor and the former director of the Research Center on foreign socialism of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and is offered the vice chairman of the Professional Committee of Contemporary World Socialism of China Association of Scientific Socialism, the executive director of the National Association of the history socialist thought, the deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Association of Marxism-Leninism, and the chief editor of the Yearbook of world socialism, etc.


Pro. Xu’s main Works are:

  • “The School History of Socialism”,
  • “The Footmark of Engels”,
  • “The Footmark of Lenin”,
  • “The Political Stability in the Reforming Society”,
  • “The Summary of The Contemporary Foreign Marxist Masterpieces”,
  • “The Dictionary of Western Marxism”,
  • “The Outline of ‘Realistic Socialism’”,
  • “Rethink on the Theme of Revisionism”,
  • “The Origin and Development of Market Socialism”,
  • “An Exploration on the Ruling Style of the Foreign Parties”,
  • “The Ideological Evolution of Foreign Ruling Parties”,
  • “The Contemporary Social-Democrats and Their ‘Third Way’”,

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